Ez-PRM Details

Ez-PRM is available in three different license agreements, first for a smaller Physician practice group of 1 to 10 users, second for a medium size physician group of 11 to 25 users and third for a large physician group of over 25 users. The system can be purchased in several different configurations depending on the need of each group which can be proposed after having several in-depth meetings with the concerned parties . Existing paper records of patients can be converted to electronic records and stored in the system for compliance and future use for an additional service fee which can either be done by the Physician group office personnel or can be outsourced.

Minimum Hardware requirements:


  • A Server PC with Intel Pentium dual core processor, 2 GB RAM memory and 250 GB Hard drive
  • High speed internet connection and wireless router
  • Workstation PCs depending upon number of users

Optional Equipments:

  • High Speed Scanner/Printer with an autofeeder
  • KIOSK Station with a small desk top computer
  • Tablet PCs for Physicians depending upon number of physicians

Minimum Software requirement:

  • 1 to 10 license agreement for Ez-PRM
  • Windows Vista Premium Operating System [no. of licenses depending on no. of users]
  • Windows server 2008
  • SQL server 2008 with 1 - 10 client installation licenses [no. of licenses depending on no. of users]

Optional Software:

  • Appointment Scheduler software
  • Billing software

Ez-PRM comes with interfaces necessary to work with existing Physician Group office systems and or options selected. The initial training for three days and maintenance for the next six months from the date of purchase is included after which a time and material and a monthly fee will be charged respectively.