IT Training


Infisunergy provides instructor lead training and these programs are designed with one goal- making sure that the trainee will be competent and productive. At Infisunergy we guarantee small class sizes. We guarantee quality instructors. We guarantee competence and we guarantee that IT training from Infisunergy will be more cost effective than training from any other source. Whether the trainee wants to improve his/her skills, projects or resume, Infisunergy training and resources can help the trainee achieve his/her goals. Our courses feature hands-on tasks and real-world scenarios-in just a matter of days, the trainee will be more productive and embracing new technology standards. 

Our online resources and events enable the trainee to focus on learning just what he/she want on his/her time frame.

Infisunergy has been Training experienced and out of College (CPT & OPT qualified ) candidates since September 2007 in the following areas:

  • Microsoft Technologies: C#, .NET, Sharepoint, Biz Talk ( more )
  • People Soft: People Soft HRMS development/ customization, People Soft HRMS functional, People Soft HRMS Administration and Upgrade ( more )
  • ORACLE: Oracle Database Administration, Oracle Application Development